Genesis Yardworks started in 2004 as a silent auction prize (kids come and cut your lawn 2x’s) for a PLEA fundraiser.  The youth workers quickly saw the potential benefits for our youth and jumped at the chance to create employment opportunities for Genesis students.

How We Work

  • Charge $45/hr which pays for 2 students doing the work. There is a youth worker supervising and helping.
  • Each student gets paid $9-11/hr
  • The other money goes to pay for our truck (fully supported by GYW), gas and equipment maintenance.
  • Any excess goes into an account and then at the year end, GYW equipment is bought for the program that will enhance student opportunities

What do the students get out of it?

  • Money that they learn to budget and use wisely
  • Resume experience
  • An understandable employer. They can be fired, rehired but regardless, they have the chance to learn with adults that are very understanding.
  • Pride, there is NOTHING more important than the pride one can get from earning money legitimately.

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