Covid and Connecting

Hey Humanoids! I just want to share a couple of photos from one of your peers to emphasize the importance of using time wisely. This student has decided to rediscover their interest in art…and it’s amazing! This beautiful painting, the sun is either setting or rising, depending on your perspective…ANY little effort to better yourself is a step in the right directions.

Hey GNE humans, this is the second posting. I need your help, I want you to play medical doctor and Sherlock Holmes and tell me why I feel this way, and what am I doing right and wrong? More importantly, do you have similar experiences? Lacking motivation, physical pains, mental health affected and little exercise. Send me your responses…via email.

First posting below

Click on the link and email or text me an audio clip or a voice memo (you can do video but the file is often too large). Make a response to this audio clip.

Because of COVID, what are two things that have made you thankful for or realized that they are positive parts of your life?