Someone else sees potential

photo(1)image(1)Someone else sees potential

This young man is about to start a placement where he is working with his hands. I think based on his efforts on his bike, he will do completely fine! His mode of transportation to and from work will help him look good and feel proud, all pieces of a recipe for success!.

Raising student Self-Efficacy

We had the happy people from Pedal start an Earn-a-bike program for us where they brought over 6 bikes and worked with some super eager kids from 3 alternate programs. 2hrs of organized chaos resulted in 6 very proud students that stripped their bikes and started painting them. Three comments that demonstrated that the students gained something out of this experience…”let’s just stay 10min more man, I’ve never wanted to stay longer…”, “I fricken love this day”, “I wouldn’t mind volunteering at PEDAL”.

Kids bike…to Seymour Elementary

Here is a beautiful bike for an elementary student that was donated to us by our Douglas College practicum student. Two of our students made quick work of this bike and got it road ready. Any student have a sibling? Give us a shout….this bike went to a deserving young person at Seymour Elementary.


Healthy habits=awesomeness

Sprout Lightbulb

Identifying healthy habits is a great way to increase student success, in all areas of their lives. This is something we are working on with our students and it became apparent that it does make a difference. We are are at Pedal Depot doing our usual Thursday thing and a student (who’s been absent for a bit due to illness) is working on brakes and says, “can you pass me a #5 hex key?” She knew what size she needed because we have made a habit of verbalizing the sizes so we can become more familiar with parts and tools. Brought a smile to my face. Then at the end of the day another student takes a picture of the bike he worked on because he says, “I want to show my family that I’m doing something positive and going to school to become a bike mechanic and getting some good habits…plus I want to post it on Facebook.”

The day ended with good feelings all around because students completed bikes for others, are being productive, active and POSITIVE. All key parts to creating healthy habits.

Genesis Bike…looking good.



We want to have a couple of good looking road-worthy bikes so that if we need to go out and do something with a student (groceries, 1-1 outing, and more) we have the option. Beauties such as this also make it much more enticing for the students to go out. We’ve had 3 students work on parts of this bike and we are trying to make it a community built bike.

The bigger idea is that we are using this a learning piece for the Arts Fair to enter something. Hope all works out for it to happen. BTW that bike will be for sale or raffled off.

ANGRY…but looking on the bright side


Due to space issues and not having a rack that would allow us to stack 3-4 bikes on top of each other, we bought a good lock and locked 3 crappy looking bikes together outside (no tires, rusted etc) on our patio. They’ve been there for at least a month and today I came in and everything was gone, lock etc. Clearly someone with a van/truck wanted 3 crappy bikes. I was angry at first, more about the lock, but after some time to reflect I realize that we have some potential to modify our space again! Plus we realized how messy the patio looked with those bikes there. Anyhow, we are down 3 frames so if you have any kicking around feel free to contact us.

SUPER volunteers


As I’ve mentioned we’ve started to volunteer at the Pedal Depot and Jordan and Charlotte have been helping our students feel great about their skill level. Today, 3 students did some awesome work and each fully completed and overhauled a kid’s 20″ bike. These bikes are going to young children in shelters and the Genesis kids felt proud of their awesome and quick work. So this means we can consider bikes 17, 18, 19 done and given away.

Good things happening.

Thanks Brenda

Former Principal Brenda Burroughs took time out of her day to drop off an old bike of hers, now that she’s upgraded. We really appreciate offers like this, she even included tubes for the tires because they were flat. So awesome.

Bike 16

Bike 16

Before we start telling you about bike 16 I want to thank Pedal Depot for giving us a bunch of bikes for us to fix up. In addition, we will be heading over to volunteer on Thursdays so that our students can further enhance their bike mechanic skills. This hopefully will create bigger and better opportunities for some students but more importantly increase our baseline skills around here, which will benefit all of you. Anyhow…. please click on our DONATE page as we need a few things if you can throw lock, tire etc our way that would be great.

This bike is a beautiful white 18speed bike that would be great for a young person that is approximately 5’9″-6’1″ tall. Has some splash guards that can easily come off if they aren’t “cool”. Photo taken by our resident shutter-bug…on her way to becoming a pro with the camera. Expect some cool pics to be added to our blog when we post our photos.

BIke went to SVYC

Get your bike locks!!!!

photo-23Get your bike locks!!!!

Bike 15 is ready and waiting for the first caller/emailer!!! Everyone say thanks to Pedalpower for this… also check out the link on the top right side of our blog labelled DONATE….