Motivation makes us do funny things

We would all love it if everyone of our students planned ahead and did things to make their lives more simple for the following day. The reality, especially in the alternate world is that it rarely happens, these students live in the moment. However, some times there is something that helps these students suddenly start doing what is necessary to achieve more than one goal at a time. Yesterday a student that loves to play hockey on Friday’s but also loves going for bike rides and picking up the compost from Commercial St. Cafe demonstrated some growing up. This student prepped the bins before leaving, showed up at 9:00am, walked straight, hooked up the bikes and peddled at a steady pace in order to be back in 25min and ready to go to hockey. Funny how certain things motivate students. This was very rewarding to see how happy this student was that he did all of this and could go to hockey on time. Sprout Lightbulb

Sun’s out…bikes out!

Ok, it’s not the usual stupid saying of “suns out, guns out”(referring to biceps). Anyhow, a few things needed to be picked up from the VSB and a youth suggested we bike versus drive so that’s what our youth worker and student did. We would have taken a few more but need a couple more helmets. That being said, spring time is going to be great for showing students more of the city on the back of a bike. sunshine_passes were

We feet…just a little

Ok, I think we have established, just from riding today that we are going to invest in shoe covers for our shoes while biking. This was the scene when we came back to the school after Friday and the torrential downpour. Great day though.IMG_6705


IMG_6695Going out on a ride with students to do our compost pick-up and a student comments on how the “fog makes them do a lot of thinking about life.” Here’s to more foggy days.

Partnerships work

Cedarwalk and Genesis partnered on a Think & Eat Green grant and we now have some solid bikes for our compost pick up. Student’s have enjoyed riding them but still prefer the bikes they have built on their own. Effort always trumps ‘no ownership’.photo-3

Biking and math

image1After going out and doing some cycling road safety testing, students and I stopped to get a healthy snack and do some lifeskills math. “Wished we could do this kinda math more often” is a comment I heard. We related it to how we could make a bike delivery program bigger and calculating the value of our time. Applied this to students budgets for groceries per week.

Two wheels to kindness….

Sometimes you get surprised in the simplest of ways. A student comes in that has been building and repairing bikes, taken part in the bike delivery, and just loves biking asked me a great question. This student lives in a complex where financial hardships are common, he asked if he could get some bike tubes that are for smaller bikes. I thought he wanted a tube for his bike an made a mistake so I inquired a bit…he told me that he has some little kids in his complex that have broken bikes and he wanted to fix them so that they could learn how great it is to ride a bike….pretty cool if I say so myself. He’s going to organize something so that we can get a few of these little kids riding. Funny how some things sink in to some kids and I’m going to credit this to him being on two wheels regularly. BTW thanks to OCB for helping get this students bike done and road worthy.

Bikes + groceries/students=success

We started delivering groceries from Freshrootsfarms, on bike, to some alternate schools. This has been great because students get to ride the bikes that they have help build or they are their own bikes that they have fixed up. In addition this has created some possible employment opportunities for a few students. However,  students gaining more “ownership” to the city is super important as they learn new areas that they haven’t seen.

Students are asking for more opportunities like this and I hope we can continue the great momentum we have going right now.  Safe ridingPacked and ready

New year up and riding??

Well after a weird and delayed start to the school year, Genesisbikes is up and ready to go. However this year we want to add to our employment opportunities for our students. Not just landscaping or bike repairs…we have other ideas. More to come in the near future, but what could this bike be used for????Delivery

Passion…in alternate school?

Yup, you’ve read the title correctly. One of our students has a passion for getting around on 4 wheels and wants to use this passion to earn a living. Without getting into a big long story that I could ruin, I’m just going to show you the logo and when this logo starts popping up around the lower mainland you can say where you heard it first.

Passionclothingcompany is the name. Passion_ Stencil(1)