Everyone Spills Milk…

Stepping Out?

As they slowly lower restrictions are some of you comfortable stepping out? Here are some tips that might help you slowly shift your thinking about going back out into the big bad world.

1-take it slow. Open a window and sit by it, stand on the balcony or by the front door when it’s open

2-Do as this student did and stick your head/hand/foot out the window.

3-do short walks near your house at odd hours so you don’t need to worry about running into lots of people

4-Realize that WE ALL have changes in our thinking about being around others so you are thinking just like everyone else.

WHO would be interested in short walks with Dan or I, we would come to your place, meet outside, stay 6ft apart and it could be a walk, sidewalk sit or just standing on the sidewalk and you are chatting outside of your window??

The Bad Can Turn to Good.

We have ALL had some kind of emotional response to this COVID situation. However, talking to many of you, you seem to be taking this with a VERY positive attitude. So I was in a crappy space at the start, slowly changed my thinking and behaviours and now have made a choice to make it super positive (might be bad idea but likely not). I’m getting a puppy. This is the type of dog in the picture (German Pointer).

Email, voice message, carrier pigeon, just send me a message explaining what positive things have started to happen, because of COVID or otherwise.

You guys ROCK

Hey people, many of you are doing some amazing things right now, most importantly, you’re staying in and taking care of yourself (you can check that box of accomplishment!). As weird as this is, many of you seem to be thinking about things differently. I have had questions about, “what do you think things will be like in the near future”? and “how many people will ride bikes when this is done”. I had one student respond to my question about being thankful and they were thankful that they could at least connect with friends online. Here is a gallery of photos from a student that clearly has some talent (makes my stick people look bad). And here is a link to the cooking video someone sent in.

Who’s eager to be able to get outside like before?

Cooking…the basics

AG people in the house…literally!. (I know majority of you know our cool AG reference and if you don’t let me know and I’ll put you in the know). Anyhow, send me a cooking video…would love to see some Mr. Noodle video of how to “spice it up” or something like that. Here’s my basic video(click on this link).

Bettering Yourself

Hey Humanoids! I just want to share a couple of photos from one of your peers to emphasize the importance of using time wisely. This student has decided to rediscover their interest in art…and it’s amazing! This beautiful painting, the sun is either setting or rising, depending on your perspective…ANY little effort to better yourself is a step in the right directions.

Effort = $

Great life skills lessons on using money wisely. Scenario, you have $13 to buy groceries and it needs to last you 3 days until your next pay cheque. Here are two very different views. Pic.1 the person said they’d also buy slices of pizza with leftover $. We all agreed Pic 2(with meat etc). is the best energy wise and would last longer. The BIG difference is EFFORT. Effort = saving $ and making your $ go further. BTW nothing better than biking to get groceries, makes you feel good all around.  image1 (1)