Motivation makes us do funny things

We would all love it if everyone of our students planned ahead and did things to make their lives more simple for the following day. The reality, especially in the alternate world is that it rarely happens, these students live in the moment. However, some times there is something that helps these students suddenly start doing what is necessary to achieve more than one goal at a time. Yesterday a student that loves to play hockey on Friday’s but also loves going for bike rides and picking up the compost from Commercial St. Cafe demonstrated some growing up. This student prepped the bins before leaving, showed up at 9:00am, walked straight, hooked up the bikes and peddled at a steady pace in order to be back in 25min and ready to go to hockey. Funny how certain things motivate students. This was very rewarding to see how happy this student was that he did all of this and could go to hockey on time. Sprout Lightbulb