Two wheels to kindness….

Sometimes you get surprised in the simplest of ways. A student comes in that has been building and repairing bikes, taken part in the bike delivery, and just loves biking asked me a great question. This student lives in a complex where financial hardships are common, he asked if he could get some bike tubes that are for smaller bikes. I thought he wanted a tube for his bike an made a mistake so I inquired a bit…he told me that he has some little kids in his complex that have broken bikes and he wanted to fix them so that they could learn how great it is to ride a bike….pretty cool if I say so myself. He’s going to organize something so that we can get a few of these little kids riding. Funny how some things sink in to some kids and I’m going to credit this to him being on two wheels regularly. BTW thanks to OCB for helping get this students bike done and road worthy.