Healthy habits=awesomeness

Sprout Lightbulb

Identifying healthy habits is a great way to increase student success, in all areas of their lives. This is something we are working on with our students and it became apparent that it does make a difference. We are are at Pedal Depot doing our usual Thursday thing and a student (who’s been absent for a bit due to illness) is working on brakes and says, “can you pass me a #5 hex key?” She knew what size she needed because we have made a habit of verbalizing the sizes so we can become more familiar with parts and tools. Brought a smile to my face. Then at the end of the day another student takes a picture of the bike he worked on because he says, “I want to show my family that I’m doing something positive and going to school to become a bike mechanic and getting some good habits…plus I want to post it on Facebook.”

The day ended with good feelings all around because students completed bikes for others, are being productive, active and POSITIVE. All key parts to creating healthy habits.