ANGRY…but looking on the bright side


Due to space issues and not having a rack that would allow us to stack 3-4 bikes on top of each other, we bought a good lock and locked 3 crappy looking bikes together outside (no tires, rusted etc) on our patio. They’ve been there for at least a month and today I came in and everything was gone, lock etc. Clearly someone with a van/truck wanted 3 crappy bikes. I was angry at first, more about the lock, but after some time to reflect I realize that we have some potential to modify our space again! Plus we realized how messy the patio looked with those bikes there. Anyhow, we are down 3 frames so if you have any kicking around feel free to contact us.

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One thought on “ANGRY…but looking on the bright side

  1. what kind of frames are you looking for… i have a couple old abandoned bikes over here at Sunrise East.. let me know.

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