Bike 3 raffle

Awesome response for the bikes we’ve been giving out. However, parts aren’t free and we need to recoup some of the cost. As a way to ensure we can keep this program running smoothly and giving bikes away we are going to do a raffle. Here are the details…

Tickets are $3 or $5 for 2 tickets. 

  • Email and say you want a ticket or someone in your program does.
  • Please collect money to be picked up Nov. 1.
  • Nov. 1 Genesis staff will come to all the programs/offices that have responded via email
  • Nov.2 @12:00 there will be a video of the raffle posted on our blog with the winning ticket…to ensure people aren’t thinking the draw is rigged.
  • Winner picks up the bike.

Bike Details. 

  • 19/20″ white frame
  • fixed gear (this means one gear)
  • super light
  • a beautiful eye-catching white with baby blue handlebars.
  • single rear brake
  • fast city tires
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2 thoughts on “Bike 3 raffle

  1. Liz Komar on said:

    Yes, I would like to buy 2 tickets–the bike looks terrific!!
    Liz (South Vancouver Learning Centre)

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