Are you excited??

We had an UNREAL response to the first bike so it made me rethink how we should be doing this. I can’t expect people to be on their phones/computers at a specific day or time.  I will send an email out the beginning of the week when we are going to complete a bike (barring surprise issues) and ask people you check the blog. Each posting will have before pictures and after pictures of the completed bike, plus frame size etc. Here’s a quick peak of what is being redone. right now. We won’t accept phone calls until the completed photos of the bike are up on the blog. Wednesday @3pm is our deadline. However, our mechanic is a pro and I would suggest you check the blog by noon on Wednesday. Image

ALSO…STAFF ALERT….I have a bike that might be perfect for a staff member (panniers etc) that is being donated to us and once we tune it up, I think we will raffle off tickets $5 each and hold a raffle for it. Students could be involved also, I’ll have a clear plan of how we will run this and explain it in a later post. Just an FYI.